We are the leading buyers of Silver in South Yorkshire. We buy silver in all forms, from saleable articles, Antique pieces, coins, jewellery and as scrap. 

We are always looking to buy articles (Clean and in very good condition) including;

  • Salvers & Trays

  • Candelabra's 

  • Rose Bowl's

  • Candle sticks 

  • Cigar boxes

  • Large Bowls

  • Table Centre Pieces

  • Trophies

  • Victorian Tea sets

  • Russian & Irish silver items 

  • Enamel items

    Smaller items of collectable silver;

  • Cases

  • Sovereign cases 

  • Tankards 

  • Purses

  • Goblets

  • Double Albert's complete with dog clips and bar

  • Hip flasks

  • Card Cases

  • Canteens of Cutlery

  • Fish sets

  • Dessert sets with mother of pearl handles

  • These items will be priced on market rate not scrap value 

Silver Bars

We are interested in buying all fine .999 silver bars in grams, ounces or kilos. We pay full 100% spot price.

Silver Coins

We also buy Silver Coins from anywhere in the world, though British coins tend to be the most common. They typically come in two different grades of silver, 925 (92.5% silver) coins pre 1920, then 500 (50% Silver) grade coins which are 1920 to 1946.


Most general circulation coins after 1946 are copper and nickel and contain no silver, though the Royal Mint and others have produced collectable coin sets in silver which we do buy.


We're very much interested in buying articles of Silver Jewellery including Tiffany and other high quality Silver Jewellery.

We also buy general Silver Jewellery on weight, providing it's 925 / sterling.